Women of River Surfing Munich fus-Crew

Women of the World of River Surfing.

Nice Air!!!

Sarah Check out her space at myspace it rules. under Sarah much respect to you.

Legend Surfer you rule the AIR.

Hello Women surfers of Munich you RULE. from CRSA this is for you.

Nice Slasher.
Sarah is tops of all waves

Thanks Sarah and Fus-Crew!!!


Roots Colorado shakka

"Misty Roots Rock."song The Gettoho City.

Some Roots if you dont like Rasta Disco XX FlipPic sound icon above to mute ?For Roots......XX click Vido To Hear. CrsaRoots Radio.

Colorado Gives Future award to Alhoa Mack and Family

To Elijah Mack and crew You rule the surf here at CRSA.

The Colorado River Surfing Award For Surfer of the future ?

"All River Surfers!!!!" says Aloha Elijah Mack and Family. I agree but there can only be one king you .This is for you .From CRSA!!!!

These amazing photos from TiffnyMBrown2004 and World River Surfing Association . http://surfingrivers.net/ check it out and Get a hair cut$$$ at WRSA his H.Q. Barbershop in Oregon Macks$$$ movies RULE ,get a river surf lesson you wont be sorry

A River some place a wave flowes all over the World of River Surfing.

South creek wave the Alhoa Mack has Haunted ,we will keep you posted Mack.CRSA
This wave was one of many make has hunted down and surfed. he is my Hero for sure this Colorado wave can get big and changes a of mine for sure

This shot of a true wave hunter in action WRSA PRO river surfer for the world wave hunting in Oregon? or Wyoming? or who knows where Aloha Mack is surfing next? True wave expert and rivermon.

Founder ,Husband,Father,Wave Explorer river surfing Guru our King Aloha Elijah Mack.

This African wave shot is intense and the Video is even better. check it out at http://surfingrivers.net/ Heavy air in a heavy place.

Slasher on Deadly African wave! swimout crocs and flesheating fish and unreel currents for the OVERLANDTRUCKEATER wave in Africa .Mack you made history here and the future here all in one burly wave at a time . I read alot of articles saying this place wasnt burley .yea right just getting there is burley i bet so Cheers to you Aloha Mack i dont care what anybody says You surfed a giant the size of Africa and the power of pipeline.

Elijah Wants PEACE and UNITY on rivers and we at CRSA support those veiws Along with others.We must share to love to surf for soul foundation common ground for river lovers. Kayakers have been surfing Colorado for along time we just want to share in somthing no one owns but all must care for .So surfs up Colorado Kayakers thats all we want to do.........surf rivers.

Family Man of the year award goes to the King of SURF.talking about the kids.Future wave hunter in action doing a tandem caveman look out world Aloha JR is already a PRO.

This shot shows the might and power of Mack and one of the most deadly rivers in the World. Which way is that river going anyway?

Thanks all involved TiffnyMbrown WRSA Aloha Mack hope to meet you all someday PEACE WRSA forever!!!!!!
chopper ,CRSA and Colorado Surfing wwwWebMag

Colorado River Surfing Association

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