#WeddingWednesday: The Birth of a Twitter Trend

Just giving everyone a heads up that there is something new brewing over at Twitter that might change the way wedding pros and planning brides share their favorite wedding posts, articles, tweeps and bridal information with their followers. It's called #WeddingWednesday and it's definitely getting a warm welcome from those in the wedding niche.

Bride Tide discovered this trend via @BlissAmanda and @TweetMyWedding and was lucky enough to help introduce it to our followers. We personally feel this could be a great alternative to #FollowFriday and hope others in the bridal industry will too.

If you're onboard, spread the word via Twitter! #weddingwednesday

Yep, it's this trend is definitely taking off! Over 100+ mentions in the last hour!

Wedding Cake On A Wedding Cake?

Wedding Cake On A Wedding Cake
We are definitely huge fans of this wedding cake on a wedding cake! For the record, this cake was made using genuine swarovski crystals in 3 different sizes to create the brooch with each crystal having to be held with tweezers and glued on individually with royal icing. Unique, visually appealing, highly detailed and downright stunning! {Love} it!

Weird Wedding Fact

Weird Wedding Fact
Have you ever noticed that if you rearranged the letters in Mother-In-Law, they come out to Woman Hitler?

The {Heirloom} Wedding

ashley leckey photoToday's guest blog post is from Ashley Leckey, co-founder of IceMilk Aprons.
IceMilk Aprons, founded by Heirloom Designer, Ashley Leckey and her Grandmother, are rooted in the traditions of preserving your heritage. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the gourmet line of heirloom aprons are meant to bring back the notion of entertaining, the sharing of family recipes, cooking from scratch and to be a meaningful gift experience that is passed down through generations of your family for years to come.

Are heirlooms becoming a thing of the past? I have recently realized that in 20 years, our generation may not have any heirlooms to pass along to their children and grandchildren!

Exaggeration? Yes probably, but when was the last time you attended a wedding where the bride & groom where registered at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and the likes? Now, not that there is anything wrong with being practical (and certainly, I think we all love Target) but I don’t imagine there will be a set of fine china, monogrammed silver flatware, pewter candlesticks or seriously fine crystal stemware to be found in the near future.

I must say, one of my most treasured heirlooms is a full set of all-white china – it is my Grandmother & Grandfather’s wedding china. And my GREAT Grandmother and Great Grandfather’s (Nana & Pepe) wedding china is also a family heirloom as well.

There are so many delightful ways to bring tradition into your wedding. Beyond thoughtfully registering for items that will one day be treasured by your offspring, tying tradition into your ceremony with a "something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new" allows you to have the tradition but interpret it in as modern a way as you want. Wrapping your Grandmothers monogrammed handkerchief around your bridal bouquet or adorning it with an heirloom broach also give nod to your history. A simple display surrounding your guest book of past-relatives wedding portraits in gilded frames or a simple grosgrain ribbon stitched into your wedding dress with initials and wedding date make for the ultimate treasure should your dress be worn again in the family.

As you're planning, consider what heirloom touches you can add to your own special day to make the meaning deeper for generations past, present and future.
wedding heirlooms
wedding twitter
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H.R. Giger Alien Wedding Cake

If you've seen the movie Aliens, then this Alien Wedding Cake needs no introduction. We're speechless.

Alien Wedding Cake

Calling All Wedding Bloggers!

Everything Wedding Blog Carnival
Hey all you wedding bloggers!
BrideTide.com is currently looking for a wedding blog to host our next Everything Wedding Blog Carnival #4! The wedding blog that was scheduled to host the blog carnival will not be able to due to a family emergency, so we're looking for someone to step in and save the day!

What does hosting the wedding blog carnival entail?
Fist of all, it's a lot of hard work, but in the end, you'll get lots of new blog visitors, tons of back links and make some great contacts in the wedding industry! Here's what you would have to do:

- Find 25-30 wedding related articles/posts from other wedding blogs and aggregate them together into one blog post, each with a link to the original article/post. (example: here, here, and here)
- Divide them up into "categories" and write a brief sentence on what the linked blog post is about.
- Promote the heck out of it via your blog, twitter, facebook and any other ways you would like. (we'll help too!)

That's about it. If you are up to the task, send us an email at info@bridetide.com with your request. We'll be picking a new host on 9/27/09. The actual wedding carnival blog post must be published on your wedding blog on 10/5/09. We'll do our best to help you promote your post via our blog, website and twitter.

Thanks in advance to everyone who wants to get involved and we hope you are looking forward to the next Everything Wedding Blog Carnival as much as we are!

DIY Roses From Maple Leaves

DIY Roses From Maple LeavesAs you all probably know, we are in {love} with Luzel's iDiy blog. It seems every time we drop by, there is some spectacular handmade project that has us wanting to try our hand at some DIY fun. Take for instance these DIY Roses Made From Maple Leaves that would make for some breathe-taking Fall wedding decor. It amazes me that someone actually came up with this project, figured it out and streamlined it in a way that they can actually teach someone else to do it! That's why we love Luzel's blog! Stop by and see more great pics of this wonderful DIY project here.

DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves
DIY Roses From Maple Leaves

7 Ways To Use Twitter To Boost Your Bridal Biz

7 Ways To Use Twitter To Boost Your Bridal Biz
Is your bridal biz on Twitter? If so, you know it's a great way to stay up-to-date with the latest wedding trends, news, conferences, tips and overall vibe of the bridal industry. We have built tons of great relationships using just this one social media platform and it's always a constant source for finding some great wedding blogs and articles that seem to understand the importance of "reaching out" and staying active on social media spaces like Twitter.

That being said, Natalie Bradley over at Bride Attraction just posted a great post titled: 7 Ways To Use Twitter To Boost Bridal Biz, and I must say, it's a great read for any wedding professional who is serious about publicizing their bridal biz. [Read the entire article here]

How to Assemble a Wedding Favor Box

Hey all you DIY brides! We found this neat video by Beau-coup that shows you step-by-step how to assemble wedding favor boxes that you can utilize for your wedding. Simply wanted to share it with all of our readers. Thanks!

Are "Luggage Cakes" The Next Big Wedding Trend?

If you follow us on Twitter, you know that one popular topic that we have been tweeting about is the trend of "Luggage Wedding Cakes". Seems the good people over at SlashFood are claiming these type of cakes are the next "killer trend in wedding cakes". While we can't exactly agree, we do think that any kind of "theme" cake can be absolutely spectacular if done by the right person. After doing a little research, we found this wedding luggage cake below that has us {swooning}. Don't you just love the smaller sample cakes for the guests! This beauty was created by French Kiss Pasteries.

Luggage Wedding CakesAny other wedding pros seeing this wedding cake trend?
Leave us a comment.

George Costanza’s Guide to Thank You Notes

George Costanza’s Guide to Thank You Notes
The guys over at The Plunge have put together this funny little article that gives some sound groom advice on the task of sending out thank-you cards after the wedding celebration. Any Seinfeld fan knows we can all surely learn a lot of life lessons from the elusive George Costanza.

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Bicycling in a Wedding Dress

Bicycling in a Wedding Dress
If you know anyone who wants to incorporate bikes or cycling into their wedding, then you've got to check out this great blog post over at Let's Go Ride A Bike that shows the simple elegance of adding a bicycle to the big day celebration. One interesting note is how the main problem of this theme is figuring out how to secure a bride's wedding dress to prevent it from getting wound up in the actual bike chain. Good stuff!

Wedding Statistic: Estimated Number of Saturday Weddings

Wedding StatisticThis week's wedding statistic comes from The Wedding Report. The graph estimates the number of Saturday weddings for 2010 compared to the number of Saturday weddings in 2009. With more and more brides looking for discounts to cut their wedding budgets, there are estimated to be 10% less Saturday wedding events come 2010, due to the higher cost to have a wedding on this day of the week. It seems Friday weddings are beginning to show momentum as becoming a more popular alternative.

Another amazing Colorado wedding!

Dina and Kieth are hitched!
Dina's family's ranch, nestled in the Rockies, has to be the perfect backdrop for a wedding! Everyone had a grand time, despite a few rain showers. I really enjoyed their hospitality and helping take part in their big day thanks to Kristy Watts. Here's a few of my faves from the day...

TheKnot.com Wedding Shop Sale!

Hey all you budget brides, take advantage of the Friends & Family discount at The Knot Wedding Shop for a limited time - 20% off your order of $100 or more! Use code KSFFSEPT9 at checkout!

20% Off + Free Shipping at The Knot Wedding Shop

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On Sale at The Knot Wedding Shop

Wedding Tip #1

wedding tip 1 advice
Hey brides, to quickly fix a small stain on your wedding dress, simply rub a stick of plain white chalk over the spot. it will temporarily cover the stain and keep you looking picture perfect.

Colin Cowie: Pinpoint Your Bridal Style

Here's a great video from GetMarried.com featuring the one and only Colin Cowie that shows you how to discover and pinpoint your bridal style so your wedding truly reflects your personal flair that will amaze your guests.

Also, don't forget to follow Colin on Twitter!

What Is A Guerilla Wedding?

Today's guest blog post comes courtesy of Carol Corbett.

In today’s economy, many brides and grooms are looking for cost-effective ways to have the wedding of their dreams. Often that means DIY invitations, cash-bars, and compromised venues. But for the daring, a dream location can still fit the budget, you just have to do it guerilla-style. What does that mean? Guerilla wedding is the term coined for an impromptu ceremony at a perfect site. The bride, groom and officiant (sometimes a photographer and a few guests too) go to the location of choice unannounced and hold the wedding. As venues can cost thousands, especially the really popular and trendy ones, a guerilla wedding is a way to cut through the red tape and have the day you’ve wished for.

Guerilla wedding ceremonies can take place anywhere that suits the couple, whether that’s at the putt-putt course where you had your first date, on top of the Empire State Building, on a cruise, at a museum or even the zoo! The sky’s the limit to the number of hip, sentimental, and romantic possibilities – a ski slope, golf course, fairground, how about under the stars at the Washington Monument? Think of places where it’s common to see a small crowd gathered in a tour or talking amongst themselves. If your potential venue has an admission fee, plan to pay that for each guest and the rest is gratis. Keep in mind that places who normally charge a site fee for weddings are more likely to get upset if they catch on and plan your attack accordingly.

What kinds of couples are best suited for guerilla weddings? Brides and grooms who are low on budget, high on stress, in love and looking for adventure will appreciate the spontaneity and excitement of an impromptu ceremony. This guerilla style is also good if your parents or future in-laws are too wrapped up in logistics and centerpieces to see that all you really want is each other. Back in the day, there was elopement. Love struck kids would sneak out of their houses and tie the knot. Today’s Romeos and Juliets can create a hullabaloo of their own with the most talked about, unconventional wedding day adventures of the year.

How does one plan an event like this?
The first step is recon – stake out the potential venue well in advance. Play spy by noting high traffic areas, scoping out a good nook to hold the ceremony in and researching upcoming events, you don’t want to clash dates. If you can, ask a security guard or other official hypothetical questions about your planned event. What might the owners do in the event, would there be a fine involved? If there definitely WILL be a problem, take them at their word and chose a new location.

Next, plan your attack – date and time, invitations or e-vites, entrance, set-up, ceremony, exit. Brief any vendors (officiant and photographer) and guests on the logistics and any duties they’ll need to perform (such as lookout or guard distraction). A brazen friend might convince site staff that you’re holding a simple photo shoot and by the time they check with the management, you’re married. Create a plan B to fall back on in case things don’t go as smoothly as you’d like.

Keep your attire low-key if you’re hoping to slide under the radar. A simple white dress should do it, stash the veil in your purse with the rings. Arm guests with birdseed to throw as you exit so there is no mess to clean up. Brace yourself for resistance and keep an open mind to the events of the day. With your posse at your side, you can get married anywhere!

What happens after the ceremony? Well, that’s entirely up to you. You can take your small group out to dinner, an amusement park, or cruise the bar scene. A backyard or even formal reception can still take place to include a larger group of friends and family in the celebration. It’s your big day, so it’s really up to you and your groom. Make it what you want it to be.

My name is Carol Corbett and I'm a freelance writer. I am currently the online editor for NHweddingmagazine.com where I weigh in on all sorts of topics from favor savers, to bridal make-up, to vendor vendettas. Also on my resume, getting married the day after my best friend...many called us crazy, but we loved every minute as bride and bride's maid, then vice versa!

Wedding Humor: The Stadium Proposal

wedding funny stadium proposal
Click pic to enlarge

Best Man Loses His Pants During Wedding

The best man of a wedding party loses his pants just as the ceremony is beginning.

Guy Loses Pants During Wedding

Halloween Wedding Inspiration Board | The Perfect Palette

Halloween Wedding Inspiration BoardIf you are a bride-to-be who is looking for color inspiration, we invite you to check out The Perfect Palette if you haven't already! The wonderfully talented Chrissy creates some truly inspiring palettes in just about every color combination imaginable! We asked Chrissy to create a Halloween-theme inspiration board for the upcoming holidays and she put together this gem below. Check out her website and don't forget to follow The Perfect Palette on Twitter.

Halloween Wedding Inspiration Board

halloween inspiration boardwedding blogMy name is Chrissy and I'm author behind the wedding blog, The Perfect Palette!

The Perfect Palette is all about celebrating color! And what better way to explore the possibilities of color palettes than to put together inspiration boards! And what's great is that you can even sort by color!

What I think is most special about The Perfect Palette is the fact that I create the inspiration boards based on my reader's requests. To date, I've received hundreds of requests for custom boards from all around the world. It's incredibly fun to be able to take my readers ideas, add my own and then create something beautiful that they can use as a visual guide in their planning process. Not only is it fun, but it's also incredibly fulfilling to know that in some small way, I'm inspiring weddings around the world!

top 100 wedding blogs member 2009 bridetide

Behind The Scene Details of the 99-Cent Only Store Wedding

The 99 Cents Only Stores chain recently helped nine lucky California couples beat the recession blues by offering cut-price wedding ceremonies -- for just 99 cents each. Along with their under-a-buck bridal sale, they discount chain is also handed 99 dollars and 99 cents in cash to each couple before whisking them off to an undisclosed "famous romantic Los Angeles" location.

99-Cent Only Store Wedding
99-Cent Only Store Wedding
99-Cent Only Store Wedding
99-Cent Only Store Wedding
99-Cent Only Store Wedding