California Dream'in

CRSA ,San diago OLDMONS OCT 9 to oct 12 sand in our teeth tour.

2008 Surf Shapers Expo.Posted at 07:00:00 PM
Yea! yea a surfboard is just a surfboard .Now to me and many others it is truly ART.
And the artists!!! the PROS who surf and the shapers who shape them? well it can be mindblowing to two surfcowboys from Colorado and how amen.

I am Free! And in a Daze whoooa surfboard Cowboyoverload,Sunny Califorina waves ,sand,seaweed,sick surf sticks from around the world .I must be in heaven? Lucky enough to have been able to go to this surf expo 10 -11-2008 in Del Mar hosted by many, the most important Surfaide International. We became proud members.For what its worth . Thank you to all who give and have created the power to care just to care.

Blurry photo i was shaking i am just a cowboy. many Shapers and prouducts on hand ,from wood to new age honeycomb FOAMcandy!!!. Wood Candy?East coast woody ,this process is wild rooted.
Old Mans reunion tour shot
Cowboy up Tikihoot and Paul local surf, yoga,veggiefuel, guide caveman bike mec,rocket enginer.

The Special handling fee? paid off with a free haircut.

Biggest bummer back home?FRONTIER,DIA,SIA= WHO KNOWS hardcases are on my christmas wish list. Tikihoot lost a good friend to a bad hair cut. looked like the bag had been dragged quickly acrosss the runway and then sniped clean with some rubber?."A fish tail would look good?" i tried to comfort it was sad .
We thank the surfing World for letting us dream of surfing mountains in the waves.
Visit to make your own!
Making a short art film about the scene. i will return to finish check back thanks .Please dance if you will for the freedom to board dance for waves and snow hea?
above photo groove sponsered by
;X"The Goodship Liana " TAKEACTION and become a pirate for the planet today :X.

Thank you all riders of waves, mountains,streets,sands,dirt, for inspiring us to always give a

Monterey Aquarium

How could a trip to Monterey be complete without a visit to the Monterey Aquarium?! So many cool creatures and so little time to photograph all of them. Here are a few photos from my foray into these unique underwater habitats.

Get on board for river-surfing fun - The Denver Post

Get on board for river-surfing fun - The Denver Post
Go Charlie the new model sounds way sick! SUPking Crew leader of Colorado.