CEO Wedding Features Life-size Motorcycle Groom's Cake

Bob Parsons, CEO and founder, and his guests munched on a life-size Motorcycle groom's cake at his wedding this past weekend. The giant, edible motorcycle had an ignition key-start, horns, lights, moving wheels and exhaust pipes.

life-size Motorcycle wedding cake
life-size Motorcycle wedding cakeThe motorcycle cake also included a life-size helmet.

life-size Motorcycle wedding cake
life-size Motorcycle wedding cakeDid we mention that the couple's wedding cake was 10-tiers tall with edible family photos!

The Breast Wedding Ever

A wonderful couple gets married after they completed the Susan G. Koman 3-Day Breast Cancer walk. Simply splendid!

The Breast Wedding Ever
The Breast Wedding Ever
The Breast Wedding Ever
The Breast Wedding Ever
See all the wedding photos here

Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake

We are totally speechless about wedding cake. If you are a Star Wars fan, you already know that a Tauntaun is, and know the exact movie scene that this dead Tauntaun wedding cake is directly taken from. Again, totally speechless.

Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake
Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake
Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake

Dead Tauntaun Wedding Cake
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Wedding Cake Pops!

wedding cake pops
If you haven't seen these {fab} wedding cake pops over at the Austin Wedding Blog, then click here or click the pic to instantly fall in love with these lil' gems! {Swoon}

Random Wedding Funny

wedding funny picture
Nothing says "best friends" like a photo of your groomsmen with their pants down. Is it me, or do they not look too happy?

The Zombie Wedding Cake [PIC]

Maybe it's because Halloween is near, but we're really diggin' this red velvet Zombie Wedding Cake created by Mike's Amazing Cakes! Your thoughts?

zombie wedding cake
Click to enlarge

Also, if you want to see why a zombie cake worked so the couple, just check out their proposal!

Super Mario Proposal... Guy Proposes to His Girlfriend Through a Videogame

Word from the video creator:
"My nerdy way to propose. On October 15th 2009, it was out 5 year anniversary so i decided to propose. Using a program called lunar magic I was able to spell "lisa... Will you marry me?" she may not look too surprised in the video but you should of seen her afterwords, she couldn't sit still!!! And no it wasn't staged, but I did sit her down told her to play some Super Mario World, but she totally didn't know she was being recorded!! "

Wedding Tip #3

wedding tips and advice

Hey brides,if you are having an outdoor wedding make sure to tell your hairstylist so they can plan a style that can handle the windy conditions.

Girl chops off tongue to get the "right" groom

Girl chops off tongue wedding India
weddingA 19-year-old girl in India chopped off her tongue inside a Shiva temple to invoke the blessings of her religious god to marry the person she desired, instead of the match fixed by her parents. Talk about extreme! Read the entire article here.

Random Wedding Funny

wedding funny wedding humor wedding fail
Groom fail.
Click to enlarge.


7 Great Tips for Submitting Photos to Wedding Blogs

7 Great Tips for Submitting Photos to Wedding Blogs
If you are a wedding photographer, you've got to check out this very insightful post by Vane Broussard over at the Think Splendid blog. As the founder of Brooklyn Bride, Vane goes into detail and offers up some very astute tips to wedding professionals for submitting weddings to blogs. Such a great read.

Wedding Tip #2

Wedding Tip 2

Remember to check store return policies BEFORE creating your wedding registry. Most only allow a certain number of non-registry returns per year.

Honeymoon Planning? Beaches Fall Deals

Beaches Fall Sale

Hey all you planning brides! If you're looking for some great deals on a possible honeymoon destination you've got to jump over to Sandals + Beach Resorts to check out their awesome Fall discount specials!

This is your chance to save 65% on a all-inclusive Caribbean resort that will simply blow you away! Click the pic above to see all the budget saving limited time specials. Good luck!

The Corpse Wedding Cake

Our Weird Wedding Cake of the Week definitely has the upcoming Halloween vibe to it. We'd like to introduce everyone to the Corpse Wedding Cake. Eerily beautiful! Click to enlarge.

Poll: What Is Your Favorite Wedding Movie? #weddingwednesday

favorite wedding movies
Visit this week's #weddingwednesday poll to cast your vote on your favorite wedding movie.

What is your favorite wedding movie?

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