New prouduct !!!Extreme sunglasses for extreme surfing

The sun on the eyes can be very harsh in extreme enviroments

Kite boarders Surf and Snow

I dont know how many pairs of sunglasses i have lost in the river? but they are so very usefull this is a great prouduct ,much needed in the surfing world and used by PROS of all water sports snow and ocean and river .Check out there great site and get yourself some and block out harmful rays ,.And look way cool at the same time .whens the Hollywood Britney spears model coming out? the bigger the better for me Im gettin me some seaspecs tradin in my Elvisis .THANK YOU SEASPECS
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Get there and get surfing Oceans ,Mtns, Air,River,Snow, Peace my surfing friends i give them a 10 and there site rules surf there now and sea again

FUEL TV ::Buildwaves :: Blogs - "Nacho Clowns #3 video that made him think?"

FUEL TV ::Buildwaves :: Blogs - "Nacho Clowns #3 video that made him think?"
Our site for World river surfing and surfing Mtns and Snow.This is my favorite blog yet thank you all involved. three great videos from three great Humans .ENJOY i got a ARSA story to Work on goodnight.seeya in a few months.
chopper, surfs up Colorado Kaykers and river surfers it s lookin to be fat !!

nacho clown peace

FUEL TV :: Videos

FUEL TV :: Videos
Rob you saved a wave along with others way stoked for you all and the Trestles break. I dig that place.
Colorado Surfing wwwwebmag
Thanks Fuel!!!

FUEL TV ::Fueltv :: Content Sets ARSA Wave event picture rules on Fuel TV!!!

FUEL TV ::Fueltv :: Content Sets
ARSA front page of Fuel TV .Thank you Fuel ,The ARSA are a huge part of riversurfing as
Munich is to Munich river surfing.So people GET YOUR FUEL TV and ARSA you Rule and keep makin those waves and surfing for soul!!! go there. Alberta River Surfing Association =pics go there 

YouTube - run sarah run

YouTube - run sarah run
Here is Sarahs video its sick i think and she is a true soul surfer.From space and site check it out awesome pics