CRSA checks in on the Southern surfers

Pueblo Colorado Capital of River Surfing.

If you love surfin and are landlocked and live in Colorado head south to great 7 waves of love section in Pueblo Colorado 1hr and a half from Dtown south on !-25 will get you in deep .Its about to hit 4000flo this picture is at 1900flo may 25 whoa nice waves get there.

The Edge on Union street the first surf shop in colorado catering to river surfers along with Surfing Colorado Logan G. The Edge has surfboards for rent and lessons and info and much ,much more and Bob has been in the Biz of the river and Mtns for 15yrs

Bob of The edge
Pueblo, River surfing Capital of Colorado

The #3 three wave mural
If your looking for some great surf and need a short drive on flat highways head south to Pueblo to the world class REP and Kayakers designed play park .This is our first visit and above7studios is working on a video but must return for more footage .Some surfers i met the Dbrothers Dave and Donald surfed it up .Thanks for the tips and history all listed andREP, ZH and mikeharvy19 ,Logan ,resse and the Surfing Colorado Crew Pueblo Colorado Paddlers ,Mtnbuzz, eddy flower.

Donald and Dave now members of CRSA

ripppin soul surfers ,first time river surfing this year on wave #3
so get south its on and here is some other wave infoColorado Waves and Info thanks to the sites Gtown wave site,Mtn Buzz and Eddy Flower
Golden play park
South canyon
SHOEshone wave
The Union Chutes Dtown
Pueblo waves
Gtown wave and stop at the edge and give Bob some stoke .
pictures =above7studios 2008

Oceana – Protecting the World’s Oceans: The Problem

Oceana – Protecting the World’s Oceans: The Problem
Thanks to this site for all they do for our oceans and insight on what to do to help.

CRSA checks in on the Gtown wave 08 May showers .

Thanks to Colorado Boaters and many more....... and builders of waves

2008 May Gtown Rodeo thanks to if you go info

helmet cam test click for video surfing Gtown
The Gams has been having a blast so far this year. In the west as for Kayakers and boaters as this new wave surfaces to be a good one full of the spirit of surfing Colorado

This new wave spans the whole river and has some very powerful points that crash like swollen tubes coughing a smoky breath!

So Gtown .The state of Colorado ,Kayakers and Boaters we thank you and the Gams for dicing me up for awhile.
chopper, ill be back

From the Jackson Hole News - July 12, 2006

Jackson Hole News - July 12, 2006
Way cool waves in the hole .This article got me thinkin about history again of Colorado River surfing? as for other soul surfers Colorado Kayakers for paving the way for waves and,world kayakers of other world waves much respect .Aloha Mack,Canada,Munich,Wyoming all have a history So if anyone out their can help with the history of Colorado River surfing if it was you? our swomeone you have known or seen over the years .I have heard of the Big Sur wave legends 80s i think that is some of the first surfers in Colorado on surfboards ?. drop us in our anyone CRSA would like to know anything you have to offer ?to Document this history for Colorado? it would be great to tell the tale? and give Colorado some background and always a hooody whooo thanks to all those river surfing gift givers listed above !!!thank you for the Love of the standing wave.So Wyoming and where ever else waves are flowing in rivers and are being surfed long live the souls of the uknown surfer?visit Jackson and have some lunch. much respect too wyomings river surfing legends.

YouTube - Jup02 film at 11=wittelsbacher river surf More great stuff from Fus-crew

picture of the Fus-Crew property of Fus-crew of Munich

YouTube - wittelsbacher river surf Munichs best = Video from Fus-crew jup02 from Germany youtube site of Flori .Should get you stoked for river surfing no matter where you live...........
thanks Jup02 and Flori;,chopper