Happy Thanksgiving!


We had a stupendous Thanksgiving in the Rockies along the north fork of the Canadian River! We backpacked in, thanksgiving dinner and all, spent 3 days in an amazing yurt, hiked around our personal mountain, and found a great little wonderland all to ourselves. As always, here are some images of our trip...

California Dream'in

CRSA ,San diago OLDMONS OCT 9 to oct 12 sand in our teeth tour.

2008 Surf Shapers Expo.Posted at 07:00:00 PM
Yea! yea a surfboard is just a surfboard .Now to me and many others it is truly ART.
And the artists!!! the PROS who surf and the shapers who shape them? well it can be mindblowing to two surfcowboys from Colorado and how amen.

I am Free! And in a Daze whoooa surfboard Cowboyoverload,Sunny Califorina waves ,sand,seaweed,sick surf sticks from around the world .I must be in heaven? Lucky enough to have been able to go to this surf expo 10 -11-2008 in Del Mar hosted by many, the most important Surfaide International. We became proud members.For what its worth . Thank you to all who give and have created the power to care just to care.

Blurry photo i was shaking i am just a cowboy. many Shapers and prouducts on hand ,from wood to new age honeycomb FOAMcandy!!!. Wood Candy?East coast woody ,this process is wild rooted.
Old Mans reunion tour shot
Cowboy up Tikihoot and Paul local surf, yoga,veggiefuel, guide caveman bike mec,rocket enginer.

The Special handling fee? paid off with a free haircut.

Biggest bummer back home?FRONTIER,DIA,SIA= WHO KNOWS hardcases are on my christmas wish list. Tikihoot lost a good friend to a bad hair cut. looked like the bag had been dragged quickly acrosss the runway and then sniped clean with some rubber?."A fish tail would look good?" i tried to comfort it was sad .
We thank the surfing World for letting us dream of surfing mountains in the waves.
Visit www.moblyng.com to make your own!
Making a short art film about the scene. i will return to finish check back thanks .Please dance if you will for the freedom to board dance for waves and snow hea?
above photo groove sponsered by
;X"The Goodship Liana " TAKEACTION and become a pirate for the planet today :X.

Thank you all riders of waves, mountains,streets,sands,dirt, for inspiring us to always give a

Monterey Aquarium

How could a trip to Monterey be complete without a visit to the Monterey Aquarium?! So many cool creatures and so little time to photograph all of them. Here are a few photos from my foray into these unique underwater habitats.

Get on board for river-surfing fun - The Denver Post

Get on board for river-surfing fun - The Denver Post
Go Charlie the new model sounds way sick! SUPking Crew leader of Colorado.

Kelly + Mike

Congratulations to Kelly and Mike! It was a wonderful time in beautiful Monterey!

Whales are welcome here .Our friends from the seas are always in troubled waves .

Whaling gone mad .
We can't loose our greatest friends! ,you decide i have. Meet our friends of the sea this video from the tube shows what we don't understand life on the big seas.Vote against the big C of whaling.

Save the wave famous wave for us all!

Video Pipeline Pictures please vote to save this wave! Thank you Munich Friends we will vote again and again!!

The Saar river fest video from soulboater looks way fun

Photos by Jakobkaeffer story from soul;boater

Video Saar-Spektakel 2007 from Concept Lifestyle on Vimeo.France and Germany go big for sure

Shaping the past for the future with Jeff many miles away

The Future and the past Meet to create wonders from natures lost life bringing a new.

Meet and Greet Stan above and Jeff below

This is a True Artist and surf story, Jeff and local surfer shown owners of "The Sounding Drum " Hilo Hawaii" Please visit his site for Wood, Art,culture and surf and best of all humor

Cheers to Stan !thats one big Dude not to metion the board.
To Jeff a local Hawawian and ART carver of the surfing kind.We thank you for sharing your world.
pictures property and story property of Jeff myspace.Thanks for sharing Jeff and friends malhalo
Jeffs shaping video

Pictures , Videos and Story from Jeff of the The Sounding Drum
Scratchings by Tales from the river
Hawawians and many other Island cultures have a history of surfing logs, back many years ago as we know .

The art of carving a tree Koa surfboard and surfing it is held highly by Jeff and others .They pursue the love of shaping out of raw fallen trees and creating canoues and Treeboards for the locals and other wood carved prouducts .A Philosphy,Tree surfing like our humans long ago.A lost but not lost art thanks to shapers like Jeff and the tree form true to nature .I Imagine a great way of travel and sport back in the day and survial from storys i have read .
Jeff and Friends and the KOA tree surf boards are like staring into Surfings shaping past.

The shape shop looks like a fun place to me Jeff.


The shop making wood wonders with past and present tools and skills working together as one.

Humans building with their hands and crafting tools with nothing more than what nature provides.These skills of living off the land from our fellow Humans ,Indian cultures must not be forgotton in this world of man made prouducts.In my opinion.Indian culture practices should be taught everywhere .Tribes and these cultures should not be left out of the world and lands they respect.
http://www.myspace.com/soundingdrum Wood plank test shape ,The board blocks surf stand is sweet.

Here in pre shape Jeff said alot of time and care must take place in the choppin fingers that is .....
This is my opinion of what i know about Jeff. He is a true artist of pure soul and vision you have to see his other works of art at his site. He loves to surf trees shown here in this video with the finished hand carved and polished surfboard made from nature .The possiablities are endless as is what can be made out of stumps and wood considered junk .Underneath all that worn color of old battered wood lies a gift from mother natures spirits. Ghosts of the forests she gives new life to those who care for the air we breath leaving us with her fallen dead .plant a tree today and Maybe you will see a tree surfing in true spirit again in a ocean near you.
Thanks again Jeff
chopper chickens

http://www.myspace.com/soundingdrum His site is a well worth visit and his friendship and advice about carving woods and tree board culture are in my notes and plans. Drop in on Jeff and the Sounding Drum art and surf in natures pure form.
Jeff i thank you. You are a man who cares about his enviroment and people who care. Jeff started a group called H20 on myspace we are members as are many others who care about this planet .Jeff is Political too, Alfered E Newman for President i think hes right.Very smart man from our chats and his love for Earth and surfing in the Island home he loves. This video of a step by step will show more about Jeff and this links above to myspace the Sounding Drum.
Much respect Aloha friend
chopper chickens

Paddle surfing Clear creek,widow maker would be fun?

Thanks to Hawawian legends and crew and the Gamms

Low flows got you down ?Paddle surfing will tune you up! Thanks to World paddle surfers.I ventured to clear creek for some practice stayed till 10 oclock at night. Twice now afterwork.

Wind surfboards work well for surfing up and down the rivers as local S.U.P.s surfing on the roaring Fork and Colorado rivers ,have been testing the waters. I have paddled down the Colorado grizzly to south canyon and it will work you out but is truly a great way to see the waves and river canyons that snake you into Gtown.

Chops,CRSA surfer

BIG AIR!!! Surf ,Street ,Snow,Kayak???
Mon Aug 11 08:54:36 -0700 2008

Big air Germany picture, from Kayaking pure Zest and Soulboater sites.Ampibian cars are not in the event ,but on seen water car show.Brings new meaning to dragging the river.
We love all river events of the world here at buildwaves .So do 350.000 people from all over the world ,They surf to enjoy the age ole river Saar fest Germany Thats right big air lovers ,Kayaking has left the ground for some time now .Waterfall acid drops of 180ft or more have been in the history of the sport.But now on wooden trick ramps bring us big air contest Germany 2 year of this event .Thanks to the Soulboater blog and Markus Leppanen pro kaykers also Tobias the winner for running this out of the box event and sharing the antics spot.com/2008/08/saar-splash-go-big-or-go-home.html Click here for the story and onseen reporting from Soulboater a contestent in the event .Our Europe friends are way stokin . Also railslides have been happing in Kayaking too this video shows a great future for all river lovers and big air and rail lovers . >

so big air is making waves in all sports even in rivers.
chopschicken out enjoy the air.


Portrait session for Ta before her return to Thailand. With only about an hour of daylight left in the day, we rushed around town to find the coolest locations to shoot. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

I only wish everyone were so easy to photograph!

This months movie is from The Rising Tide

http://www.surfline.com/video/video_player/video_player.cfm?id=16190Amazon Tidle bore surfing at its best the Biggest river wave in the WORLD no doubt.

River surfing Huge Tidal Bores Amazon

Do not know the owner of this photo or boat or light house wheres the Tide?

This is Rising Tides pick for this months river tale thanks for surfing south that was way cool to see Golden meet Pueblo waves you ruled it .
THE TIDE from Surfline and others .
Thank you for showing us this .

Got BOB ? get it they do!!!

Find more videos like this on BOB Village

Thanks Tugger and Frenchie for the soul of surfing like rockstars!!! You put that into Colorado river surfing !much respect And surfers. Check out this site there I say new surfboard designs look at theses wooden cores.

Alison + Tobi

Congratulations to Alison and Tobi!

I had the distinct pleasure of photographing these two last weekend in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. A beautiful location to wed with two beautiful people = a photographer's dream. Thanks so much guys!

Eugene Weekly : 07.22.04

Eugene Weekly : 07.22.04 WRSA Aloha Mack and Family history
this is a great interveiw with River Surfing PRO Aloha Mack from the Eugene weekly this picture is property of the article and person listed

Keep surfing Aloha lets make that tube.

Stoked on meeting more Colorado surfers

More surfers hittin the waves is way stokin for River surfing in Colorado .cheers to you all future and past river surfers of Colorado .

picture =from the Rising Tide site good tunes

Red fish in Gtown uknown surfer

Tikihoot gtown

unknown ripper Gtown

Goloden Colorado rising Tide surfing colorado Style

picture= from Rising Tide site

Golden waterpark Colorado has cool waves too. Thanks to the Rising Tide Colorado River surfer of myspace .Rising Tide has great surf tunes too http://www.myspace.com/flyingtides , aspiring guitar vocal surf soul music. rock on .

picture of Gtown= from local MikeH of the Vail Valley area.
Cheers ,Thanks Colorado river surfer Mike H from Vail and friends with another eye on the waves of Colorado Mtn and Waters http://www.snowboard-mag.com/blogs check this site .So if you want to get involved and help create and have wave updates and want to be a member to help document surfers and create links = CRSA email crsasurfco@yahoo.com send a wave . Here is our member site http://partnerpage.google.com/coloradoriversurfingassociation.com check it Colorado Surfers ideas are welcome for shirts and stickers and logos email CRSA ?thanks Mike