Michaela & Jared : : The Pines at Genessee : : Golden, CO


First things first: many, many thanks to photographer extraordinaire Lisa Spicola for the privilege! You can check her out here.

A soggy Saturday it was for Michaela and Jared. Rain, however, wasn't about to stop these two together with their family and friends to celebrate their big day at The Pines at Genessee in Golden, CO - I can't think of a better backdrop than the amazing (and foggy) Rocky Mountains. We managed to muster up some cool ideas even if the weather didn't cooperate. Luckily Jared was the kind of guy to heed my crazy ideas and put them to film, even if his buddies laughed all the while (all great fun!). Many people may not know this, but overcast days can give you amazing light for photography. If you ask me, I wouldn't complain a bit, great light = great photos. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Here are a few of my favorites from the day.


Location Prep: Sheraton Denver West

Location: The Pines at Genessee, Golden, Colorado













How To Submit Articles To BrideTide

Planning brides and wedding professionals visit BrideTide on a daily basis to keep up with the pulse of the entire wedding industry. Our members submit fresh, user-generated content every hour that constantly updates with newest ideas and the latest bridal inspiration. Members then vote on their favorite submissions which automatically move up towards the top of the home page.

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The Drunk Groom

And just think, these cherished wedding day memories will be preserved for all time. The bride doesn't look to happy about that.


BP Oil Spill Destroying Beach Weddings

The current BP oil spill in the Gulf has caused a sudden surge of destination weddings being canceled due to the toxicity of the shores and the overall appearance of the beaches. This is effecting the entire wedding industry.

"Sixty percent of my beach weddings are canceling. This is worse than a hurricane because we don't know what is going to happen," wedding planner Darrin Land.

Quite sad.

Read the entire article here

The Death of the Wedding Directory?

Death of the Wedding Directory
Are wedding directories a thing of the past? Are they still relevant? Are they necessary? Are they helpful? Great article and comments over at English-Wedding.com:

10 Examples of Amazing Rustic Wedding Inspiration

Rustic Wedding Elizabeth Anne Designs shares this rustic campsite wedding that bursts with organic vibe and beautiful accents.

A petri dish & test tube wedding? The Wedding Chicks show how any theme can be oh-so-chic with the right details.

This bit of rustic elegance from the Ruffled blog will inspire any bride to get those creative juices flowing!

Simple elements paired with an old-fashioned background make for a picture perfect wedding day.

In order to save up for this wedding, the groom “gave up his dream” of owning a Harley motorcycle. At the end of the wedding, however,the bride surprised the groom with a new motorcycle as a gift! So sweet!!

Bird cages seem to be popping up everywhere at weddings; as rustic centerpieces filled with fresh flowers or candles.

Green Wedding Shoes features a spectacular wedding celebration that reminds us that soft, muted colors can still be eye candy.

Riding boots, horse shoes, rusted chandeliers...this wedding found on Snippet & Ink is pure rustic sophistication.

This wedding on 100 Layer Cake is absolutely swoon-worthy! Refined and rustic, yet light and casual.

The rustic decor and handmade love make this wedding on Grey Likes Weddings a sweet find.

Rustic Wedding

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NoCo Pro Photo Magazine : : Interview


I'm a little behind on a blog update . . . that doesn't mean there's isn't anything to post however !

To follow up on the Premiere Issue of NoCo Pro Photo Magazine, I was interviewed for the first Artist Focus feature. The questions were well thought out and included some interesting takes on what influences me, namely the question "what song defines my photography." As many of you know, or may not know, music is a huge influence. It's difficult to narrow it down to only one song, especially since it probably changes on a weekly basis. Even so, I couldn't just keep it at one song, but I did manage to keep it at one artist - an incredible feat to say the least. At any rate, you can check out all the questions and my extremely interesting and thoughtful answers (*hint of sarcasm) by following the link below. Among the questions and answers are a few of my recent photos as well as a few older images, all of which I'm pretty fond of.

Needless to say, it was fun to be an interviewee, and not to mention that I'm honored to be the first artist in profile. Check out the link below...

...and yes, that is my arm in the fridge :)

NoCo Pro Photo - NoCo Pro Photo Magazine : Issue


Yes, Someone Is Having A Wedding On Twitter

... and you're invited. A while back, we published a post about some couples having a Tweet of Honor at their wedding. It seems that the concept has been taken to another level. Don't believe us? Well, @subrbanoblivion and @pauloflaherty are basically invited the entire Internet to their upcoming online Twitter wedding. And of course, the wedding reception will be a Tweetup. Will we be seeing more of these "Twitter weddings" in the near future? We don't know, but follow the #paul&sara hashtag to see how the event unfolds.

twitter wedding

What are you thoughts on "Twitter Weddings"?

Solitary Confinement: Mentally Ill in CSP

From National Geographic, about Colorado's supermax and mentally ill prisoners:

Solitary-confinement report conclusions outrage prison activists

From: Westword.com:
By Alan Prendergast, Tuesday, Jun. 8 2010

The release of a twelve-month study about the mental effects of solitary confinement at Colorado's supermax is still weeks away.

But preliminary results leaked from the report -- which suggest state prisoners suffer little, if any, psychological impact from even long-term stay in isolation cells -- is already stirring outrage among prison activists and civil liberties attorneys.

A National Geographic special on solitary confinement that aired in April focused on life at the Colorado State Penitentiary, where inmates are housed in 23-hour-a-day lockdown. The program mentioned that the study's preliminary findings indicated little effect on inmates' mental health from their confinement.

That tidbit, which flies in the face of much of the scientific, peer-reviewed literature on the effects of solitary, has activists steeling themselves for the worst when the report is officially unveiled next month. The study and this fall's expected opening of a second supermax, known as CSP 2, were hot topics at Tuesday's American Civil Liberties Union talk by University of Denver law professor Laura Rovner.

Rovner, who's involved in lawsuits challenging conditions of solitary confinement faced by 27-year federal lockdown champion Thomas Silverstein and mentally ill CSP inmate Troy Anderson, noted that the evidence of psychological deterioration in solitary is compelling -- but that hasn't deterred state and federal prison authorities from building more supermaxes.

"There are more people in supermaxes, so it doesn't seem as shocking as it once did," she said.

Several audience members, including a smattering of attorneys, commented on the upcoming report, which some suspect is designed to help pave the way for the opening of CSP 2 by minimizing the degree to which solitary may encourage paranoia, rage and suicide. A few questioned the methodology of the state's research, which (at least as glimpsed in scenes from the NG special, which can be found here) seemed to rely on self-reporting from inmates desperate to get out of CSP. "Of course they're going to say they're okay," one noted.

Rovner agreed. She recalled one supermax inmate she had interviewed who kept insisting he was doing just fine, despite a nasty wound. "It turned out he'd been trying to dig the FBI chip out of his head," she said.

A summary of the report is expected to be presented to a state task force on prison mental health issues in mid-July.

{Non-Wedding} Related Creepiness

We usually don't step away from wedding topics and such, but damn, these cakes have to be seen.

creepy cake

creepy cake 2

How creepy are these!!!!!
A big thanks to @jascrosser for sharing the first one with us. Yikes!

Random Wedding Cake of the Day #1389

wedding cake

State of The Wedding Industry 2010

Calling all wedding service professionals....
You have been invited to participate in the State of The Industry Study 2010.

The purpose of this study is to capture, from you (the vendor perspective), how much brides and grooms are spending in the first half of the year, what trends you are seeing, some basic business demographic and activity information, and what methods you use to get new customers. The information compiled within this study is a great way to monitor the pulse of the entire wedding industry as a whole.

Summary results of this study will be available on theweddingreport.com in late July 2010.

To participate, visit this link: http://bit.ly/cxLpyW

Thank you to all of the professional wedding vendors who take part of this very important (and extremely interesting) study!

Why Is June The Most Popular Wedding Month?

what is the most popular wedding month
Over the years, the month of June continues to be regarded as the most popular month for celebrating a wedding event. Some say it's because it marks the start of moderate temperatures and reasonable outdoor weather, while others chalk it up to a wider and cheaper array of flowers available during this colorful Summer month.

But why June?
How did June come to be the most popular wedding month?
If we dig deeper, seems practicality may be the driving force behind this modern-day wedding trend.

Back in the day, couples often chose to marry in accordance to their peak harvest time. Having a June wedding meant that a possible Summer pregnancy would still be early enough in the season that a wife could help out with manual work during that year's harvest period. It also meant that after a Spring birth, the recovered bride would be in good enough health to assist in the next year's harvest.

Ever hear of an "annual bath"? We'll apparently a long time ago, regular bathing wasn't exactly considered a necessity and was therefore reserved as a once-a-year event that the that most of the population observed during the last part of May or beginning of June. As expected, right after their "annual bath", many couples decided to tie the knot since each person was probably their most presentable (and less stinky) during this time compared to the upcoming twelve months. Totally makes sense.

The Roman goddess: Juno
Juno was the ancient Roman goddess of marriage, and accordingly, many Romans chose to honor this goddess by having their wedding in June. Many considered this month to be the most favorable time to marry and would be showered with luck and good wishes from the gods above if they did so.

Well there it is, a few fun facts that help to explain why June is the most popular month for weddings. Enjoy the info and enjoy the month!

I got a lot of emails asking me what the second most popular wedding month is. The answer to that is August, with September close behind.

rudy bridetide