Bridezilla Wedding Cake Freak Out!

This bride goes crazytown on a cake shop owner when she finds out that her wedding cake is not exactly as she wanted. What would you do if this happened to you?

Royal Wedding Invite Generator

Didn't get invited to the upcoming Royal Wedding? Don't feel bad, we didn't either. But that isn't stopping us from using this nifty Royal Wedding Invite generator to create our own royal invite.


Now it seems the entire staff here at BrideTide has someplace to be on Friday :)
Thanks to Joey Nelson for sharing this with us. Wedding Paper Divas coupons

Will Ferrell Is Ready For The Royal Wedding

Will Ferrell recently appeared in a wedding tux and top hat on the David Letterman show expressing his love for William and Kate. This guy is hilarious!

Fun Wedding Links
Please Help Me Care About the Royal Wedding

How Much To Insure The Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Mug :)

Royal Wedding Copycat: Chinese Couple Wed In British-Themed Ceremony

Who Made The Royal Wedding List

Top 100 Wedding Blogs

The Cost Of The Royal Wedding [Infographic]

Cool visual infographic from RetailMeNot that compares wedding costs from Chelsea Clinton's wedding to the upcoming Royal Wedding.

A Wedding at All Costs
Infographic from - Celebrity Wedding Costs

Papa John's Creepy Royal Wedding Portrait Pizza

royal wedding pizza

Imagine how this thing would look after 20 minutes in the oven?
click image to enlarge Is Shutting Down

It's with a heavy heart that I must announce that our website will be shutting down on May 17th, 2011. The entire submission/voting structure for is currently based on a platform known as Slinkset and it has recently been announced that it's parent company, Posterous, will be shutting the service down for good. This is something we could never predict and is completely out of our hands. We're just as surprised as you.

So What Happens To All Of The Blog Submissions?
Thankfully, all of the submissions, voting, karma points and member data have been exported and could successfully be reproduced on another platform.

Does This Effect The Top 100 Wedding Blogs?
Absolutely not. The BrideTide brand will continue to be an authoritative voice in the wedding industry and will continue to operate the Top 100 Wedding Blogs, our main BrideTide Blog and our Twitter. We're too obsessed with wedding blogs to ever stop being part of the community :)

So What's Next For
Good question. While we fully intend to re-launch, we feel this may be a great opportunity to implement some popular features that our members have been requesting over the past 2 years. A complete overhaul has been suggested and the brainstorming is just beginning. Our goal is to create a new breed of social environment that will be an influential bridal resource to the entire wedding industry. I'll surely share more details as they unfold.

We Thank You!
The main reason was a successful website was because it's thriving member base and the active member participation. Without you guys, would have never grown into the unique wedding community that it became. I truly appreciate everyone's support and look forward to introducing the next BrideTide endeavor to everyone.

Together, we can change advance the wedding industry.

The entire Bridetide Team

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The T-Mobile Royal Wedding

T-Mobile is celebrating the marriage of William and Kate with the help of a host of royal look alikes to recreate the infamous Jill and Kevin’s Wedding Entrance Dance.

Say hello to the Royal Wedding Dance.

Rehearsal Dinner


Who needs a panoramic camera?


I Couldn't Care Less About The Royal Wedding (Mug)

This is pretty funny. Camila Prada, a Staffordshire designer, has created a line of ceramics objecting to all the media frenzy over the upcoming Royal Wedding.

royal wedding mug
Camila said: "I like the royal couple, but the reaction has been too much. I also think much of the memorabilia is less than creative."

royal wedding mug 2

Our morning coffee just got a bit more exciting :)