From the Jackson Hole News - July 12, 2006

Jackson Hole News - July 12, 2006
Way cool waves in the hole .This article got me thinkin about history again of Colorado River surfing? as for other soul surfers Colorado Kayakers for paving the way for waves and,world kayakers of other world waves much respect .Aloha Mack,Canada,Munich,Wyoming all have a history So if anyone out their can help with the history of Colorado River surfing if it was you? our swomeone you have known or seen over the years .I have heard of the Big Sur wave legends 80s i think that is some of the first surfers in Colorado on surfboards ?. drop us in our anyone CRSA would like to know anything you have to offer ?to Document this history for Colorado? it would be great to tell the tale? and give Colorado some background and always a hooody whooo thanks to all those river surfing gift givers listed above !!!thank you for the Love of the standing wave.So Wyoming and where ever else waves are flowing in rivers and are being surfed long live the souls of the uknown surfer?visit Jackson and have some lunch. much respect too wyomings river surfing legends.