2009 Bridesmaids Market Report

2009 bridesmaid wedding report

This week, The Wedding Report released a new 2009 report and dataset detailing trends in the bridesmaid segment of the wedding industry.
Here are some highlights:

• There are an average 4.3 bridesmaids per wedding accounting for an estimated 9.53 million bridesmaids spending $9.61 billion.

• A single bridesmaid will spend $1,009 on dress to travel and the number of bridesmaids per wedding is expected to increase by 10.6% to 10.54 million by 2014, pushing the average bridesmaids per wedding to 4.5.

• The average bridesmaid will spend an estimated 2% more in 2014 than 2009 moving the average spend to $1,029. The 2014 market value is estimated to be $10.85 billion.

• Besides general cost growth, the average cost of a wedding spending is expected to remain relatively flat. The two biggest factors driving growth are 1) increased number of weddings and 2) a growth in the average number of bridesmaids.

• The bridesmaid dataset includes a detailed breakdown of expense categories at the US, State, Metro, City, and Zip Code level.

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