The CROME Wedding Rating System

chrome wedding rating system
So what exactly is the CROME Wedding Rating System?

Allow us to explain:
The CROME Wedding Rating System is a fun little way to "rate" or "score" any wedding that you attend as a guest. The ratings scale goes from 5-50, with a 5 being the absolute worst score a wedding can get and a 50 being the absolute best. Weddings are scored in 5 different categories, each worth 10 points. Bryan Allain created the system as a way to give guests something productive to do if you happen to be attending a "boring" wedding.

Let us break it down for you:

C - ceremony
R - reception
O - others
M - meal
E - Exit

On your way home from the wedding, while the details of the gala are still fresh in your head, simply jot down your "ratings" for each of these components that made up the wedding and you've got a determination of how good or bad the overall celebration was. What's the CROME rating for the last wedding you attended?